Sunday, February 20, 2011

Icelandic Music Days in Amsterdam

Last week we were in Amsterdam participating in Icelandic Music Days festival where Tui performed three of my pieces: Brekkukotsannáll for soprano, mixed choir, chamber enesemble and harmonium, Náttúruljóð (Nature Poems) for soprano and a string quartet, poem by Sjón, and a premiere of Hýperbólusetning (Hyperbolic Inoculation) for soprano, harp and percussion, poem by Eiríkur Örn Norðdahl. Hýperbólusetning was performed by harpist Katie Buckley and percussionist Frank Aarnink, or Duo Harpverk. The festival, curated and conducted by Ari Hróðmarsson, is, as the name suggests, based on icelandic music and performers are mostly icelanders that are studying in Holland. It was a great experience to work with all of them, and not to mention spending a week in Amsterdam, where we had never been before.

Tui rehearsing with Duo Harpverk.

Ari conducting rehearsal of Brekkukotsannáll.